Peculiar: These Tiny Creepy Machines From the 1600s



If you do nothing else today, give a long, unsettled peep to these tiny robots from the 1800s.

Brittany Nicole Cox (also known as Nico Cox) is one of the only antiquarian horologists in the world. She restores antique clocks and automata, which are here defined as haunted pillboxes from the past. 

These machines are all small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or perhaps the palm of a person who doesn't mind handling obviously cursed Victorian robots. The automata with which Cox deals date from the 17th century and onward.  



Besides looking just as I would prefer an antiquarian horologist to look, Cox gives life to unnervingly nimble golden birds, a wee golden ship sailing in a thimbleful of ocean, and a fairy-sized deer drinking water. Many of the automata on which she works play appropriately eerie music, which is delightful and terrifying. 

There is nothing so satisfying as watching a person glue wee feathers onto a miniscule nood bird. Watch with your eyes.